I was a Senior Designer on Mercenaries 2, which was released in August 2008 for Xbox 360 and PS3.  The game received a Metacritic rating of 72.

For this project, my responsibilities built upon those I held on the first Mercenaries game.  I was deeply involved in the design and implementation of many systems, including: game structure, objectives, UI/UX, in-game cinematics, persistent open world systems (such as dynamic population and faction relations), and game state saving/loading.  I also designed mission content and contributed to the story and writing.

I was the chief architect of all gameplay systems written in Lua script (including all of the aforementioned).  In this capacity, I guided and mentored 15+ designers in the overall mission scripting effort.  So much of the game was written in script that, in the final months, several programmers were drafted to contribute.  I helped oversee these contributions.